Free Printable Sticky Notes Template

Happy First Friday!

This month I created a template for you to make your own sticky notes. I titled most of them with popular planning categories, but I left two blank so you can add your own titles.

Here are the instructions:

1. Download and print the template: 3x3 Sticky Note Template

2. Place your 3x3 sticky notes in the boxes on the template.

3. Reinsert the template into your printer (follow your printer's guides on orientation--i.e. face up, face down, head first, etc.)

4. Download and print the design: 3x3 Sticky Note Check Lists

And that's it! I hope you find these useful in your planning :)

Also, the new October Sticker Kit is now up in the shop, as well as a special collab mini kit with artwork by Sequins & Paper!

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