how to print and cut our printable inserts

I always get requests for a video or blog post on how to print and cut our printable inserts. It was easier for me to do a blog post, so here you go!

First, go to tps printables and purchase your inserts :)

* I am using a pocket size printable for this tutorial.

1. Print one side of your insert. The paper I use for my printables is HP Premium Laserjet 32lb Bright White. Make sure your settings are on "Actual Size" or "No Scaling" or else your inserts won't print at the right size.


2. Print the other side of your insert. I have to manually do double-sided printing, so once I print the first side, I insert the paper back in to print on the back side. Make sure to pay close attention to the little icons on your printer so you are printing on the correct side. (For my printer, the side you want to print on should be face down.)


3. Crop your inserts. I use a Swingline Guillotine paper trimmer. As you can see in the photo below, I line up the edge of the paper trimmer with the crop mark. Then I cut the outside edges first, and the inside edges next.


4. Punch your inserts. I use an Open Industrial hole punch for pocket size inserts, this Michael's hole punch for personal size inserts, and this Michael's hole punch for A5 size inserts. I also use scissors to make slits in the hole punches so I can easily pop my inserts in and out of my planner.


And that's it! It's pretty simple. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions! Or, if you have any other helpful tips, please do share!  

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