I recently got a request to share my planning system. It makes me so happy that you all want to learn more about my planner and how I plan. Makes my husband happy too, that I can talk to you guys about it instead of him :)

I had so much fun writing this up and filming a video about it. I am just sharing what works for me, which might not work for everyone, but hopefully you can still find a few things to incorporate in your own planning.

The Foundation

My top three priorities guide all my planning:

1. Wellness: health and self care

2. Family: family and friends

3. Biz: the shop and creative projects


Then my planning system itself falls into four categories:

1. Yearly Planning

2. Monthly Planning

3. Weekly Planning

4. Daily Planning

Yearly Planning

Every year, usually in December or January, I use my goals inserts to plan out my:

- Goals for each of my top three priorities

- Planning routines

- Recurring tasks that need to be done every month / week / day


Monthly Planning

I don't do monthly planning in the conventional way--I don't mark birthdays or pay days or appointments. I use monthly planning for mapping out my projects. 

- I use my monthly insert for an overview of any bigger things I need to plan for: business projects, event planning, vacations, etc.

- I use my project planning inserts for detailed mapping out and tracking of projects.


Weekly Planning

I plan my weeks much like everyone else. I use this foldout insert to see my whole week at a glance and I am careful to evenly distribute tasks throughout the week so I'm not overwhelmed on any one day.


Daily Planning

My timed daily insert is so helpful in establishing daily routines and scheduling my tasks. I prefer dedicating a part of the day to each task instead of facing a long list of tasks waiting to be checked off.


So, that's it. My planning system, in a nutshell. Watch the video below for additional peeks into my planner. And let me know in the comments if you have any questions about my system or if you have suggestions for future vvideos.



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