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Printable Weekly Planning Sheet

I always pre-plan my weeks. My preplanning sheet is where I feel free to be a little messy, scratching things out and working out my week before writing it nicely in my planner :)  


The weekdays are split into three rows. I will use the rows as 1) appointments and reminders, 2) personal tasks and 3) business tasks. Other ways you can use the rows is morning/afternoon/evening, or each row can be for a different family member.


The bottom section is broken into three sections. I will use the boxes as 1) things I need to buy, 2) errand I need to run and 3) online orders I'm expecting. Other ways to use the boxes is for notes, meals, grocery list, and more.


On the back side of the paper is a dot grid which you can use for brain dump or various notes.


I hope you find this planning sheet useful! Just print on regular 8.5x11" paper, double sided.


Download Weekly Planning Sheet

Printable Routine Insert

This was a request from one of our sam+co members. The insert will come with two light pink boxes labeled "morning routine" and "evening routine" on the front side, and two blank light pink boxes on the back side. You can add your own tasks by typing directly in the PDF (if your software allows you to edit PDFs), or you can write your tasks in by hand, or you can stick task flags onto the insert. One member had the idea to laminate the insert and use a dry erase marker to write tasks down.

Pocket Size

A6 Size

Personal Size

Personal Wide Size

Half Letter Size

A5 Size

Printable Planner Cards - Out of the Office

I know the past couple of months have been rough for many of us. Personally, I was knocked down for most of June. I took a lot of breaks and for the first time in a long time I didn't feel guilty about it. I needed rest. 

That's why I designed these cards for us. As a reminder to take a break when we need to. Guilt-free.

I designed one set with my favorite blush pink background. The other set has a plain background so you can print on vellum or your favorite color paper.

Download Pink Set

Download White Set


Printable Patterns - Solidarity

With all that has happened over the last couple of weeks, I wanted to create a First Friday freebie that would acknowledge and honor our hurting community

One thing I've been seeing is a call to not let the fight against injustice fade as the days pass and social media returns to "normal." So I had the idea to create a collage of words to remind us to keep listening, learning, sharing, supporting and standing with the black community. To vote for change. To remember the lives lost.

You can put this in your planners as a daily reminder. Or use it in your journals and memory planners to layer with your photos and images and reflections on this painful and important time.

Solidarity Pattern

Heart Pattern


Printable Sticky Notes

Our popular task sticky notes just sold out and won't be restocked for awhile, so here are some printables versions to hold you over. 

All you have to do is:

1) Print the template file.

2) Stick 3x3 sticky notes in the boxes on the template.

3) Place the template (with sticky notes attached) into your printer. Make sure you place it in the right orientation according to your printer (i.e. on my printer I need to place the paper face down, bottom first).

4) Print the Tasks 1 file onto the template.

I also included a Tasks 2 file that has borders in case you just want to print on plain paper instead of sticky notes.


Tasks 1

Tasks 2


Printable Planner Cards

Print these cards on your favorite cardstock or on vellum for layering.



Printable Pattern - Planner Love

Print this design on your favorite cardstock or on vellum for layering. Sized 6 x 8.5 " (crop down to fit your planner)

Download file



Printable Dashboard - Let's Do This

Print this design on your favorite cardstock or on vellum for layering.

A5 Size

Half Letter Size

Personal Wide Size

Personal Size

A6 Size

Pocket Size