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Printable Pocket Card - Owner Info

This Owner Card 2.0 has spots to list owner info in case you lose your planner or wallet, contact info in case of emergency, as well as a place to list any medical conditions in case you are unable to respond in an emergency situation.

Available in vertical and horizontal layouts. Click here to download.

Printable Inserts

By popular request, we are bringing back our goals inserts bundle. We updated the font to match with the font we've been using for our script stickers lately.

The original intent for this bundle was to be a place to list out yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. But you can use these inserts for planning routines, misc lists, and more!

Printable Calendar Card and Bow Pattern

This month I made this cute little calendar card for your planner pockets. Available in Monday or Sunday starts.

The bow pattern is a comeback by customer request. Print it on your favorite plain or colored cardstock, or on vellum to layer with cards, inserts, etc. Let me know if there are any other old freebies you'd like to see come back!

Printable Friends + Family Insert

I have been doing this Friends + Family Plan for years, so I decided to create an official insert and share it with you all. I think it goes great with our February "love" theme.

Basically you just write your loved ones names in the far left column. Then you track how often you connect with them. Obviously you'll be connecting with close loved ones more often than once a month. People to consider listing here are those who you don't connect with regularly--friends, cousins, other distant relatives, etc. And "connecting" could mean calling, visiting, sending a card, or even texting hello.

Printable Page Markers

These designs come with plain white and a light pink page markers, but you can print on your favorite color cardstock if you prefer a different color.

The width is 3.2" to fit pocket size planners all the way up to Happy Planner size. The length is 9.5", which you can trim down to whatever size you like. I trimmed mine down for A5 and then used a corner rounder for the bottom corners.

There are two files available: a Silhouette file to cut on your machine, or a PDF file with cut lines to handcut with scissors.

Silhouette File

PDF File

Printable Dashboards

I printed mine on vellum and love how they look in my sections!

I didn't have time to send these to my designer, so you can only print one dashboard per sheet. So sorry about that!

A5 Daily
A5 Weekly
A5 Monthly
A5 Yearly

Personal Daily
Personal Weekly
Personal Monthly
Personal Yearly

Pocket Daily
Pocket Weekly
Pocket Monthly
Pocket Yearly

Printable 2021 Year at a Glance

A5 - Monday Start
A5 - Sunday Start

Personal - Monday Start
Personal - Sunday Start

Pocket - Monday Start
Pocket - Sunday Start

Printable Inserts - Gift List

Download A5 Size

Download Personal Size

Download Pocket Size

Printable Routine Insert

This was a request from one of our sam+co members. The insert will come with two light pink boxes labeled "morning routine" and "evening routine" on the front side, and two blank light pink boxes on the back side. You can add your own tasks by typing directly in the PDF (if your software allows you to edit PDFs), or you can write your tasks in by hand, or you can stick task flags onto the insert. One member had the idea to laminate the insert and use a dry erase marker to write tasks down.

Pocket Size

A6 Size

Personal Size

Personal Wide Size

Half Letter Size

A5 Size

Printable Planner Cards - Out of the Office

I know the past couple of months have been rough for many of us. Personally, I was knocked down for most of June. I took a lot of breaks and for the first time in a long time I didn't feel guilty about it. I needed rest. 

That's why I designed these cards for us. As a reminder to take a break when we need to. Guilt-free.

I designed one set with my favorite blush pink background. The other set has a plain background so you can print on vellum or your favorite color paper.

Download Pink Set

Download White Set

Printable Patterns - Solidarity

With all that has happened over the last couple of weeks, I wanted to create a First Friday freebie that would acknowledge and honor our hurting community

One thing I've been seeing is a call to not let the fight against injustice fade as the days pass and social media returns to "normal." So I had the idea to create a collage of words to remind us to keep listening, learning, sharing, supporting and standing with the black community. To vote for change. To remember the lives lost.

You can put this in your planners as a daily reminder. Or use it in your journals and memory planners to layer with your photos and images and reflections on this painful and important time.

Solidarity Pattern

Heart Pattern

Printable Sticky Notes

Our popular task sticky notes just sold out and won't be restocked for awhile, so here are some printables versions to hold you over. 

All you have to do is:

1) Print the template file.

2) Stick 3x3 sticky notes in the boxes on the template.

3) Place the template (with sticky notes attached) into your printer. Make sure you place it in the right orientation according to your printer (i.e. on my printer I need to place the paper face down, bottom first).

4) Print the Tasks 1 file onto the template.

I also included a Tasks 2 file that has borders in case you just want to print on plain paper instead of sticky notes.


Tasks 1

Tasks 2

Printable Planner Cards

Print these cards on your favorite cardstock or on vellum for layering.



Printable Pattern - Planner Love

Print this design on your favorite cardstock or on vellum for layering. Sized 6 x 8.5 " (crop down to fit your planner)

Download file


Printable Dashboard - Let's Do This

Print this design on your favorite cardstock or on vellum for layering.

A5 Size

Half Letter Size

Personal Wide Size

Personal Size

A6 Size

Pocket Size