We are super excited to introduce a new membership option for our customers who are interested in taking our relationship to the next level :)


The support we get from our members will allow us to expand our product line and create more fun and valuable content for our community. 


Members support our creative work through monthly contributions. In return, members enjoy perks like bonus content, live streams, priority voting, and a little happy mail.


- Access to our private Instagram page for bonus content and behind the scenes peeks.

- Monthly IG TV live streams featuring live planning sessions, Q&A's and more.

- Priority input and voting opportunities on what product and content you want to see.

- Monthly happy mail of little goodies to thank you for your support.


$5 per month membership will get you all the perks listed above. Members will receive monthly digital happy mail.

$10 per month membership will get you all the perks listed above. Members will receive monthly physical happy mail. * Please note that the physical happy mail will be sent in an untracked regular (but sturdy) envelope in order to keep costs down for our members.


- You can sign up anytime.

- Upon signing up, you will be billed immediately and receive your welcome letter and access to perks within 1 business day.

- Each month you will be automatically billed on the day that you signed up.

- Your monthly happy mail will be emailed/shipped to you within 5 business days of payment.

- You can cancel at any time.  




Is this membership kind of like Patreon without the platform?

Yes. We noticed other creators use Patreon and thought it was a great idea. Deciding to do membership on our own site was just a personal choice. It felt right to cultivate membership on our turf rather than send you elsewhere.


What is the difference between membership and monthly subs?

Monthly subs are kits containing planner and stationery products that you prepay for and receive each month you are subscribed.

Membership is a way to support our creative work through monthly contributions and, in return, enjoy perks like bonus content, live streams, priority voting, and a little happy mail.

Membership happy mail contains different items than monthly subs.

Membership is automatically charged each month on the day you signed up and is sent in untracked sturdy envelopes.

Monthly subs are automatically charged on the 15th of every month and is shipped in tracked rigid mailers.


What kinds of things will be in the happy mail?

Think of the pen pal happy mail a lot of us were doing in the planner community--a note and small goodies like stickers, planner cards, die cuts, and more.


Are the digital happy mail items the same as the physical items?

For the most part, yes. Digital members will get printable versions of the physical items. However, physical happy mail may contain extra items like clips or things that cannot be offered digitally.


Can I still sign up if I don't have Instagram?

Yes, for sure. You will still get the monthly happy mail. However, bonus content and live streams will all be posted on Instagram. I will send out a monthly newsletter so you can stay in the loop with everything.


Will the membership evolve into having perks like members only discounts or free shipping?

From time to time we will offer members codes for discounts and free shipping. We will announce it on our Instagram page and email newsletter.