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Yes, I've been known to pet my planner and spend $30 on hard to find Target page flags that don't even stick. But, more than just a pretty planner, she really is my personal assistant and an instrumental tool in making things happen.

In the sam+co community, we share how we use our planners to accomplish our goals and do what we love. Follow on Instagram!

I also invite you to join our sam+co membership. Members enjoy bonus content, live streams, digital/printed resources, plus discounts for TPS product.


Bonus content via monthly email newsletter.

- Monthly live streams featuring live planning sessions, Q&A's and more.

- Monthly digital/printed resources (i.e. worksheets, inserts, stickers, prints and more)

- Monthly discounts to use for The Planner Spot shop (Excludes monthly subscriptions and membership. Cannot be combined with other discounts.)


- $5 per month membership will get you all the perks listed above. Members will receive monthly digital resources.

- $10 per month membership will get you all the perks listed above. Members will receive both the monthly digital and physical resources


- You can sign up anytime.

- Upon signing up, you will be billed immediately. Each month following, you will be billed on the 1st of the month.

- Your monthly resources will be emailed/shipped to you within 5 business days of payment.

- You can cancel at any time.  





What is the difference between membership and monthly subs?

Monthly subs are kits containing planner and stationery products that you prepay for and receive each month you are subscribed. Monthly subs are automatically charged on the 15th of every month.

Membership is an online community which offers content and digital/printed resources for using our planners to accomplish our goals. Membership is automatically charged on the 1st of every month.


What will the resources consist of?

Resources can include worksheets, inserts, stickers, prints, and more!


Are the digital resources the same as the physical resources?

Yes, resources are the same for both memberships. Those who sign up for the $10 membership will get both the digital files and printed copies. Those who sign up for the $5 membership will get just the digital files.


Can I still sign up if I don't have Instagram?

Yes, for sure. You will still get the monthly newsletter to keep you in the loop about resources, live streams and discounts.